Radio Free Charleston brings you an hour of mostly new, local music this week on The AIR, hosted by your terribly congested PopCulteer. You can tune in at 10 AM and 10 PM Tuesday at The AIR website, or just listen on this little embedded wonder…

Last week I told you about The Mark Beckner Group and how they were playing at The Blue Parrot for a mere five bucks on Friday night with Speedsuit opening. Speedsuit is the latest band featuring Mark’s brother, Stephen Beckner, who was his bandmate in Go Van Gogh, Hitchcock Circus and The Nanker Phelge. I personally rank both Beckners among the finest songwriters in the state. These are two of my oldest and dearest friends in the local music scene, and it sucks that I was not able to get out to see them.

It also sucks that I’m still sick, and therefore declaring “Bronchitis Week” on The AIR. Tune in at 10 AM and 10 PM today to hear me kick off a Radio Free Charleston loaded with new music, not just from Mark Beckner Group and Speedsuit, but also from Sheldon Vance, Poor Man’s Gravy, Emmalea Deal, Ptolemy and more. Just look at this playlist…


Mark Beckner Group “Nigh”
Speedsuit “Long As Yesterday”
Sheldon Vance “Melody”
John Radcliff “Useless”
Farnsworth “Free Me”
Hawthorne Heights “Chemicals”
Emmalea Deal “Sacred”
Ptolemy “Spin Wrench Non”
Poor Man’s Gravy “The River”
Kerry Hughes “Copycat Blues”
Byzantine “Incremental”
David Synn “The Horror”
Feast of Stephen “Blinded Baby In A Cage”
Hasil Adkins “I Don’t Want Nobody The Way I Want You”

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