Tune in to The AIR Wednesday as Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle examines the art of self-actualization and Beatles Blast returns with a special presentation of a classic Beatles radio documentary. Listen to it The AIR (or this embedded player).

This week Michele talks about how to realiaze your dreams by re-examining how you see yourself. The Importance of your opinion on your role in this world is paramount, and changing how you evaulate your life can help you change your life in postive ways.

Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle replays on The AIR Friday at 9:30 AM and Monday at 12:30 PM.

Beginning the week, Beatles Blast will present a re-edited series devoted to The Beatles Story, a British radio history of the Fab Four which hasn’t been heard since its original broadcast in 1973. This first installment follows the band in their early days as they head to Hamburg, Germany for some pre-fame seasoning, and then return to the UK, almost ready for the big time.

Beatles Blast can be heard Wednesday at 2 PM, Thursday at 11 AM and 9 PM, Friday at 5 PM, and Tuesday at 9 AM.

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