It’s yet another Wednesday with exhilerating and informative new programs on The AIR .

mEET mEL 01At 10 AM, with a replay at 7 PM, The Booster Pack tells you everything you wanted to know about conventions, but were afraid to ask. At 1 PM, On The Road With Mel explains her history of traveling and why she’s hosting her show. Listen in right here on this sweet and saucy embedded player…

This week, On The Road With Mel tells you about herself, Mel Larch.  Mel gives you her history as a traveller all her life, from childhood to adulthood. You’ll find out where she’s been (so far) and hear some great travel stories, some hilarious and some touching, that led her to begin hosting her own travel series.

You can catch On The Road With Mel, The Air’s weekly travel show, every Wednesday at 1 PM, with replays Saturday and Sunday.

BOOSTER PACK CONSOn The Booster Pack this week, Terry Bartley and Chase Henderson treat us to an in-depth primer all about pop culture conventions. They discuss the high points and low points of attending conventions and take on some of the more serious pitfalls that conventions-goers face.  The duo discusses gaming conventions, comic book conventions and other gatherings of like-minded fans of “outsider” genre (most of which are completely mainstream now).

The Booster Pack can be heard Wednesdays at 10 AM and 7 PM, with replays on Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening.