archive rfc image 03Reaction to last week’s presentation of a vintage 1990 episode of RFC was so positive that this week Radio Free Charleston and Radio Free Charleston International team up to transport you back more than 26 years to our four-hour local extravaganza. It was early in January, 1990, right after RFC had been the subject of a profile in the Charleston Gazette written by Michael Lipton that I decided to devote all four hours of the show that was then broadcast on 96.1 FM, to local artists. Truth be told, the show actually ran almost five hours. Station management wasn’t listening to my show (nobody at the station ever did) so I could run long and have the DJ that followed me make up the time.

Part one runs on The AIR at 10 AM and 10 PM Tuesday. You can listen on the website, or just hit “play” on this cool little radio-player time machine…

You will hear me cracking jokes and making remarks about the piece Michal wrote. A lot of folks thought that I was genuinely angry, when in fact I was thrilled with the press and was just milking it for laughs. So please, do not think that I was really upset with Michael Lipton. He’s always been great to me and I’ve always respected him. I was just only joking, really!

On RFC and RFC International this week, with a minimum amount of interruptions, we’re going to recreate that episode. I will leave in some commercials, and I might change the running order or leave out a few songs, but otherwise this is what the people heard between 2 AM and 6 AM on January 7, 1990. These recordings are taken from an off-air recording of the original broadcast, so there may be some loss of sound quality.

This is a remastered recording of the Radio Free Charleston local extravaganza that was originally broadcast January 7, 1990. Please realize that all the advertisements, phone numbers, addresses and topical references have all expired. I left a few of them simply to amuse and entertain you.

This week’s show is just part one of our twenty-six-year-old rerun. Come back Thursday at midnight for part two on Radio Free Charleston International!

Today’s playlist:

Stark Raven “Into The Fire”

They Might Be Giants “Birdhouse of your Soul”
(This is considered local enough because they’ve been on Mountain Stage)
Brian Diller “Mr. Auctioneer”
Brian Diller and the Ride “Waking Up”
Brian Diller and the Ride “Shoe Fits”
Three Bodies “The Drive”
Three Bodies “My Friend”
Three Bodies “Title Still Unknown”

The Bounty “Mary’s Door”
The Bounty “Buffalos”
The Bounty “Pandora’s Box”
The Bounty “325”

Zone 3 “Willy The Wimp”
Zone 3 “Motorcycle Girl”

Lost Luggage “Whatever You Want”
Lost Luggage “Lost Luggage”

A special set featuring Go Van Gogh with members of The Tunesmiths and True Rumor

True Rumor “River Beyond”
The Meadowblasters “Da Da Da Da Da I Love You”
The Meadowblasters “She Doesn’t Want My Love”
Go Van Gogh “Planet Freedom”
Go Van Gogh “I Don’t Like Trains”
The Tunesmiths “Ballet Dancer”
The Tunesmiths “For Your Love”
Go Van Gogh “Shut Up, I Love You”

The Charleston Playhouse Quartet  “Radio Free Charleston Theme”

Atomic Cafe “The Trax”
Larry Groce “No Woman, No Cry”

Thursday night we’ll pick up where we left off and bring you the rest of the four-hour local extravaganza with music from Stark Raven, Area 39, Diamonds and Gold and more. I will alert you to special back-to-back replays of these two shows in the coming weeks.Radio Free Charleston returns to its regular format next week.