Tuesday means cool new stuff on The AIR.  We have new episodes of  Radio Free Charleston and The Swing Shift.  To listen to The AIR, you simply have to point your cursor over and tune in at the website, or you could just stay here, and  listen to the cool embedded player found elsewhere on this page.  

You can hear Radio Free Charleston Tuesdays at 10 AM and 10 PM, with tons of replays throughout the week.

Our first hour is a collection of cool local, independt and brand-new music. We open with a classic track from Mind Garage, the pioneering Morgantown band that invented Christian Rock back in the 1960s. I do wonder why this band is not in the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame. They should’ve been inducted years ago.

The track from the band is “Stain Glass Window,” which was posted by band member, Norris Lytton, in the Facebook group, Mind Garage Music and Art, which he moderates, and which is one of the few things I spend any time reading on Facebook these days. Mind Garage was: Larry McClurg – lead vocals, Norris Lytton – vocals, bass and sax, Ted Smith – percussion, Jack Bond – vocals, keyboard,  and John Vaughan – vocals, lead guitar.

The remainder of our all-new first hour has new music from Disco Risque, Andy Prieboy, The Paranoid Style, The Settlement, Tucker Riggleman & The Cheap Dates and more cool tunes to which you may well groove.

Our second and third hours are an early episode of Radio Free Charleston International, that acted as the pilot for Beatles Blast. This is the second of two parts, and you many have heard the first part last week.

The links in the first hour of the playlist will take you to the pages where you can learn more about each artist and buy their music or find out where to see them (where available)…

RFC 165

hour one
Mind Garage “Stain Glass Window”
Disco Risque “PreFluffPartyFyfe”
Joi “Blue Magic Melody”
Teddy Kumpel & Nome Sane “Wrong Song”
Slate Dump “My Precious Moonbeam”
Tucker Riggleman & The Cheap Dates “The Blues”
The Paranoid Style “Client States”
The Settlement “Blindman Parts 1 & 2”
Andy Prieboy “Putting The Laundry Away”

hour two
Beatles “Free As A Bird”
John Lennon “Yer Blues”
Paul McCartney “Blackbird”
George Harrison “If I Needed Someone”
Ringo Starr “With A Little Help From My Friends”
Dawn Penn “Here Comes The Sun”
Vanessa Mae “Because”
Hamilton de Holanda “You Never Give Me Your Money”
Beatles “Sun King”
Frankie Howerd “Mean Mr. Mustard”
Roy Wood “Polythene Pam”
Joe Cocker “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”
Ben Folds “Golden Slumbers”
Phil Collins “Carry That Weight/The End”
Chumbawumba “Her Majesty”
The Smithereens “All My Loving”
Harry Nillsson “You Can’t Do That”
Lemmy “Back In The USSR”

hour three
Under The Radar “Eleanor Rigby”
Dons of Quixote “Savoy Truffle”
The Marlowes “Old Brown Show”
The Blue Cartoon “I Want To Tell You”
Jamie Hoover “Only A Northern Song”
Eytain Mirsky “Don’t Bother Me”
Journey “It’s All Too Much”
Frank Zappa “I Am The Walrus”
The Vines “I’m Only Sleeping”
Yes “Every Little Thing”
Robert Palmer “Not A Second Time”
Eddie Vedder “Hey, You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”
Heather Nova “We Can Work It Out”
The Donnas “Drive My Car”
Sweet “Paperback Writer”
Sparks “I Want To Hold Your Hand”

You can hear this episode of Radio Free Charleston Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM on The AIR, with replays Wednesday at 9 AM,  Thursday at 2 PM, Friday at 9 AM, Saturday at Noon and Midnight,  and  Monday at 11 AM, exclusively on The AIR. Now you can also hear a different classic episode of RFC every weekday at 5 PM, and we bring you a marathon all night long Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I’m also going to  embed a low-fi, mono version of this show right in this post, right here so you can listen on demand.


After RFC, stick around for encores of last week’s episodes of  MIRRORBALL at 1 PM and Curtain Call at 2 PM.

At 3 PM we offer up a new mixtape episode of The Swing Shift.  This is the first of a three-week dive into Boogie Woogie and its essential contribution to the success of Swing Music. The next two episodes of the show will include me telling you more about the histories of both Boogie, and Woogie, but this week it’s just a solid block of eight to the bar rhythm and blues. This is the engine that drives the the dance music of Swing, and we’re going to wallow in it for two more weeks.

The Swing Shift 154

Professor Longhair “Boogie Woogie”
Ivory Joe “All States Boogie”
Bill Johnson “Elevator Boogie”
Big Bob Daughtry & The Kampus Kats “Big Bob’s Boogie”
Louis Jordan “Caldonia Boogie”
Wynonie Harris “Wynonie’s Boogie”
Johnny Otis “Good Boogie Googie”
Joe Turner “Mardi Gras Boogie”
George Jenkins “Shufflin’ Boogie”
Bob Gaddy “Little Girl’s Boogie”
Billy Wright “Married Woman’s Boogie”
Tommy Ridgley “Boogie Woogie Mama”
Dave Bartholomew “Good Jax Boogie”
Milton Willis “Little Joe’s Boogie”
Willie Johnson “Got The Boogie Woogie Blues”
Harold Burrage “Way Down Boogie”
B.B. King “B.B. Boogie”
Marvin Johnson “Save Me A Boogie”
Amos Milburn “Roomin’ House Boogie”
Hal Singer “Disc Jockey Boogie”
Bump Myers & The King Porter Orchestra “Bump’s Boogie”
Lightning Hopkins “Moving On Out Boogie”
Doc Pomus “Too Much Boogie”

You can hear The Swing Shift Tuesday at 3 PM, with replays Wednesday at 8 AM, Friday at 10 AM and 8 PM and Saturday afternoon, only on The AIR . You can also hear all-night marathons, seven hours each, starting at Midnight Thursday and Sunday evenings.