The other day I found a 30-year-old sketchbook filled with ideas and designs for comic strips that I never got around to pursuing. One of the concepts had many names. It was the adventures of a gang of anarchists who went around blowing up and burning down stuff in a way that would likely have been very amusing to a young, like-minded person growing up in the Reagan era. At diffferent times, the group was named “Urban Assault Team,” “Uranus Liberation Front” and finally, a name swiped from “The Young Ones,” “Bastard Squad.”

It was a phase that I mostly grew out of. Today’s art is a digital painting over a scan of a sketch of one of the characters, Blaster. Click to enlarge. PopCulteer Note: This post was published at 12:01 AM on April 15, and is not in any way a commentary on the tragic events that took place later that day.