Tiny Bubbles With Tiny Figures Inside

This week we’re going to look at Zerboz, a cool “blind-box” toy that’s tiny, cheap, and pretty easy to find.

These are basically just one-inch-tall figures, with paint detail, sold randomly-packed in tiny plastic bubbles.

The Hulk from Zerboz Avengers series

I first noticed these last year, when they were called “Heroics.” I would imagine the name change was due to the difficulty in trademarking such a generic word. When I first found these neat little toys they only had one series of Marvel Comics figures in stores. A few weeks later I bought a bunch of them in Pennsylvania at the store called “Five Below.” When I opened them, I discovered a Batman figure in one bubble. I’d bought a DC Comics version without even noticing it.

Marvel Series One from Zerboz

DC series two Batman

Both the first series of Marvel and DC figures were available as “Heroics” or “Zerboz.” This year we saw second series Zerboz featuring DC and Marvel (specifically The Avengers), plus a series of Power Ranger figures, and a Military line, which comes packaged in a little rectangular bunker instead of a plastic ball. The Military line also includes tiny diorama pieces along with the figures.

Each series so far has offered eight common and two “chase” figures. The recent Marvel and DC series also include clear plastic variants of the figures in the mix.

DC series one from Zerboz

Half the size of a Green Army Man, this is Zerboz Military

The toys themselves are pretty nice. You’ll find the occasional sloppy paint job or warped figure, but for the most part, they look really good considering how tiny they are. They usually sell for a buck or a little less, and you’ll find yourself reliving some of your old bubble-gum machine memories when you crack these toys open.

The best part…a whole collection can fit in the palm of your hand. The Zerboz website is woefully out of date, but they have a Facebook page with more updated content