Since October is Halloween month, this and the next three installments of Monday Morning Art will be moody or spooky or something like that.

I haven’t done much in the way of genre art since I stopped contributing to ArtMares, so this gets me back into the Halloween groove. This week’s art is notable because it’s the first piece of digital art that started out as a doodle on my phone. I switched to using a smartphone less than a year ago because for years, with my fingers paralyzed by undiagnosed Myasthenia Gravis, I couldn’t operate a touch screen. With all that sorted out, and with AT&T making my old phone obsolete, I took the plunge and got a mid-level Samsung Galaxy.

That phone has a feature called Samsung Notes that allows a person to draw. I just figured out how to export those drawings a couple of days ago, and this particular digital painting started life as a doodle drawn, with my fingertip, late at night while riding the Amtrak Cardinal back from Chicago last Thursday. Once I got it into my computer, I built on the original compostion and painted over it, using some of my custom digital brushes, and made it a bit Van Gooey in the process. I call it Monolith At Midnight (you can imagine spooky music playing when you read that).

You can see a bigger version by clicking on the image.

Meanwhile, today on The AIR, you can catch a 23-hour Monday Marathon featuring Radio Free Charleston International, the show where yours truly plays whatever he wants. Next week we’ll have a special marathon devoted to a certain musician, and following that, expect a couple of Halloween-themed marathons. Tune in at The AIR Website, or on this neat little embedded player…