Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM Radio Free Charleston and The AIR bring you new music by three of West Virginia’s most acclaimed singer/songwriters.  You can tune in to the website, or on the embedded player below for this week’s new hour of great local music…

This week’s RFC kicks off with the song “Satellite” from Karen Allen’s new CD, “Here We Are Now.” You can order her album from her website, and check PopCult for details on her next local performance. Aside from brand, sparkly new music from Karen, we also have new tunes from William Matheny, off of his “Moon Over Kenova” album (get it HERE) and Todd Burge, from his upcoming album, “Your Reflection Will Kill You.

Check out the playlist for this week’s Radio Free Charleston:

Karen Allen “Satellite”
William Matheny “Blood Moon Singer”
Mark Beckner “Proverbs”
Stonebeard “Time”
Tom Rader “Angels”
Half Batch “Either Way”
Todd Burge “Don’t Water My Whiskey Down”
Mind Garage “Paint It Black”
Holly and The Guy “Love Runs Out”
Axis Everything “Stymie”
Poor Man’s Gravy “Let Me Go”
Speedsuit “Forever, Never Mind”
Jay Parade “Jimmy”
The Stars Revolt “Goodnight, Goodnight”

Radio Free Charleston can be heard Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM, with replays Thursday at 2 PM, Friday at 8 PM and Saturday at 11 AM and Midnight, exclusively on The AIR.

During the rest of this week The AIR presents the best examples of our most popular programs. That probably sounds familiar, since we just did this a couple of times recently, but the fact is that deadlines, outside committments travel and various and sundry upcoming PopCult posts have eaten into our radio-making time.

Whilst our hard working crew are preoccupied with life this week The AIR brings you more of the best of our programming.  The plan is for us to have a line-up of all-new shows next week, including the return of Herman Linte to the host duties of Prognosis. For now, though, this week, in the spirit of SCTV showing the “Indira” episode every other week, The AIR brings you the best of our recent shows.

Tuesday, aside from a new hour of Radio Free Charleston, you will be treated to treasures from our archives for Psychedelic Shack and The Swing Shift. Wednesday it’s encores of Curtain Call, Beatles Blast and Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle. Thursday expect a classic edition of Prognosis, and Friday brings you hand-picked examples of the finest episodes of Radio Free Charleston International and Sydney’s Big Electric Cat. You can keep track of the full schedule on the widget-thingy at the bottom of this post.