We are still milking our recent trip to Chicago for Monday Morning Art as we head into the new year. This time it’s a double-shot, with digital art based on two essentially abstract photos that I took out the window of our taxi as we were returning to our hotel after seeing Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu, “The Mads” from Mystery Science Theater 3000, live riff on a movie at the Logan Theater.

It was dark, being night and all, and I couldn’t see to adjust the settings on my camera. I could have tried it on automatic, which would have triggered the flash and potentially blinded our driver, so I thought better of that option. Instead I tried to grab a few images of the Chicago skyline at night and some cool cityscapes. Unfortunately the best I came up with were some random colored blobs.

The thing was, they still looked sorta cool. So I digitally painted over one of them, Impasto-style, and ran the other through a few filters, including my Kaleidoscope setting. That’s what you see at the top and bottom of this post. Click to enlarge.