f26d68c7ff60ea81cc95e50d354fb7daAbove you see the famous “Fish Slapping Dance” from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Below you see a mini-documentary about the art and history of Fish Slapping, featuring Michael Palin.

With 2016 being such an absolutely horrible year, one in which nasty, evil things happened that will have negative and ominous repurcussions well into 2017, I figured it was probably a good idea to post these videos here, so that when things get dark and dire, they’ll still be here for you to find easily to get a much-needed laugh.

The original Fish Slapping sketch by Monty Python is said to be the one true test of whether or not someone has a sense of humor. It this does not make them laugh, check their pulse.

And Happy New Year, from PopCult, Radio Free Charleston and The AIR.