When I was a kid (actually up until I was a pre-teen) one of the things I loved about Christmas was pressing my nose right up in the tree and zoning out while staring at the way the light played off an ornament. At least I loved it until I got yelled at for standing too close to the tree.

This week’s art is a tiny mixed media painting that attempts to recreate that feeling, only without the getting yelled at part.

If you want to see it bigger, just click on the image.

While we’re in a Christmas mood, how about you make a note to check PopCult tomorrow for FOUR BONUS ENTIRES in The 2020 PopCult Gift Guide. Then Wednesday I’ll post a revised Master List, because some items have sold out since we first published the guide.

Meanwhile, Monday at 9 AM on The AIR, the Monday Marathon once again brings you six hours of Beatles Blast, which follows the regularly-scheduled repeat of last weeks Big Electric Cat at 7 AM. Today’s marathon was carefully chosen because I didn’t want to run six hours of dead air. You’ll like it. I host it and it’s all Beatle-y and crap.

At 3 PM on Prognosis, Herman Linte brings us an edition of Prognosis, that opens with Eddie Jobson, who managed to get into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame before Emerson Lake and Palmer or Jethro Tull. That’s followed by a classic Prognosis and an evening of NOISE BRIGADE and Radio Free Charleston. You can hear replays of Prognosis Tuesdays at 7 AM, Wednesdays at 8 PM, Thursday at Noon, and Saturday at 9 AM. 

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