Above you see The Aquabats Super Show Christmas Special, which is on my mind this week for a few reasons.

First of all, we are now officially in the Holiday Season.

Second, I just spent all day yesterday watching a marathon of The Aquabats Super Show on Shout Factory TV (I would’ve told you folks about it, but I only found out five minutes after it started).

Lastly, The Aquabats have a brand-new streaming Christmas event this coming weekend. Starting December 11 you can watch The Aquabats Kooky Kristmas Party! It’s a streaming event, along the lines of their fun and successful Halloween show.

Check the hype…

It’s time for some holiday cheer with your favorite band of superheroes, The Aquabats! We’ll gather around the fireplace and have a LIVE cozy Christmas hangout and a loud, rowdy concert… all in one!

The show will consist of a live party and recorded music sets produced *exclusively* for this event! There will be audience interaction, unexpected surprises and all The Aquabats holiday cheer you can handle! It’s gonna be a blast!

Want the full experience? Purchase a “VIP All Access” ticket to enjoy the show AND our half-hour VIP pre-party where you’ll get a live behind-the-scenes look at our show prep! We’ll hang, answer questions and have a great time! Get the VIP treatment!

This stream will be available for unlimited re-watch through Dec. 13 at 11:59 PM!

Buy now and access the party on-demand through the entire weekend! Limited edition concert and holiday merch is available HERE.

So if you’re a fan of The Aquabats (and I’ve been writing about them in this blog almost since day one), check out the goings-on with their streaming special and watch the classic Christmas Special above, with Robert Smigel as the voice of Krampus, and Matt Walsh as Santa Claus.