This week’s art is, to be honest, a bit unfinished. I wanted to try out some  pastel crayons on a new textured paper, and I was also missing Chicago a bit, so using several photographs I took in Millenium Park over the past few years as reference, I sat down on a very blustery Sunday and tried to create a scene of The Bean.

You may notice that I put a lot of effort into the detail on the buildings. I wasn’t planning to go for an ultra-detailed painting, but I did want the buildings to look realistic.  However my fingers ran out of gas as I worked my way to the lower half of the paper. By the time I got to the Cloud Gate sculpture itself, I was struggling, and you may notice that the people aren’t exactly very well delineated at all. The end result is more abstract than I planned, but I think I actually like it more this way. It lends a bit of an air of creeping surrealism to the image.

The pastel drawing was scanned and color-corrected and cropped a bit, digitally, for posting here.

If you want to see it bigger, just click on the image.

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The folks at The Haversham Recording Institute are a bit tied up with what we in the business call “paying work” and will be taking the week off from their AIR Music Specialty programs. They tell me they should be back at their labors of love next week.

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