Hey folks, it’s one of those weeks.

Longtime readers of PopCult probably remember that your humble blogger has Myasthenia Gravis, an auto-immune disorder that you can learn all about by copying those two words and pasting them in the search window of this blog over in the right column, or elsewhere on the page if you’re reading this on your phone.

This week I have some MG-related tests scheduled, and some other medical stuff to which to tend, and that has intruded on my blogging and radio-ing time. So I’m not exactly feeling all poppity-culture-y this week, and didn’t have time to record new episodes of Radio Free Charleston, The Swing Shift or Beatles Blast.

To make up for that, I have cooked and shaped some reruns into a fancy new casserole of internet radio goodness for you.  Go to The AIR for the next three days for your daily recommended requirement of recycled radio shows.  Tuesday, Radio Free Charleston will start at 10 AM and will bring you the best music from Charleston and around the world for 21 hours. In addition, ever time we have a replay scheduled for RFC this week, it will be a different episode, so you can catch up with a bunch of them, in case you missed any.

Wednesday, Beatles Blast will kick off at 2 PM, and run until Midnight.

Thursday The Swing Shift will start early, at 7 AM, and run for a full 24 hours, because if we didn’t, our loyal European Swing Music fans would riot.

The plan next week is to return with new episodes of Radio Free Charleston, The Swing Shift, Beatles Blast, and maybe Curtain Call.  The plan is for our Haversham programs to return after a week off, as well.

But this week it’s almost all reruns, so you can tune in at The AIR website, or on the embedded player over in the right-hand column to relive our recent past. Be advised that we do plan to drop a new episode of Mel Larch’s MIRRORBALL Friday afternoon.

As for PopCult, well this is the only post you’ll get today. The rest of the week may be skimpy, or photo essays, or shorter posts. It all depends on how your PopCulteer feels. I am going to try to bring you something fresh every day, which I’ve been doing for almost eight of our fifteen-plus years now.