We wrap up 2018 in PopCult with a pencil drawing based on the decorative pagoda near the entrance to Chinatown in Chicago. This started life as a real-world pencil sketch based on a photo I was looking at on my phone. When I finished, I realized that I have yet to reconnect my printer/scanner after last February’s move to a new computer, so the sketch was photographed, and after I looked at the photo of the sketch, I did a little more digital tweaking, losing a few smudges and elminating glare along the way. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, since I’m still sort of teaching myself how to use my hands again.

As usual, you can click the image to see it bigger.

Also, in case you missed it, yesterday I posted a Brand-New episode of the Radio Free Charleston video show. You can see it and read about it HERE, or just scroll down one post on the main PopCult page. It was only one post ago.

In honor of the new RFC, we are going to present a 24-hour marathon of Radio Free Charleston on radio…on The AIR, beginning Monday at 7 AM, and wrapping up Tuesday morning. Next week we are going to do a major reset of the schedule of The AIR, so this will be the final 24 hour Monday Marathon.  We’ll tell you all about that in the coming days.

You can tune in on The AIR website, or on this cool New’s Year’s Day toy we call thel radio thingy…