We start off this week with a digital painting of the Chicago skyline, as reflected in the building across Grand Avenue from my hotel the week before last. I thought it looked cool, so I immortalized it. Youse can click on it to see if bigger.

Now that The 2016 PopCult Gift Guide is over and done with, I can devote some time to telling you about my recent travels. During the course of the gift guide this year, I took two week-long trips: To Georgia for Thanksgiving and to Chicago for my lovely wife’s birthday. All week long I’m going to bring you brief photo essays to show you what kind of misadventures we got into. After cranking out nearly a novel’s worth of writing for the gift guide, I’m going to let photos do the work as we slide into Christmas.

There will also be bonus videos of RFC Christmas goodness posted all this week, too. PopCult will be a bit of a multi-media smogasboard. So enjoy. I’ll be here all week.