overview-01Okay, so I know it isn’t winter yet, but it still made for a catchy title, so I’m sticking with it. Your PopCulteer recently went on two fun adventures, week-long trips a week apart, that I was not able to tell you much about because this blog was overrun with the 2016 PopCult Gift Guide.

Now that we’re through with that (at least for another year), I can tell you about my trips. First we went to Georgia for Thanksgiving and then we went to Chicago for my wife’s birthday.

Wonderful, cool and even surreal things happened on both trips and I’ll be posting the visual evidence all week long.

Today we’re going to give you some quick highlights of both trips, starting with the image at the top of this post, which shows the late Chicago sportscasting legend, Harry Carey, escorting us into Dante’s seventh level of hell…or something. I wasn’t really paying attention.

More cool stuff below…


One of the main reasons we went to Georgia for Thanksgiving was to check out some of the more accessible shooting locations for The Walking Dead. Here’s the wall at Alexandria (actually Senoia). Look for a whole photo essay devoted to this stuff later in the week.



Mrs. PopCulteer stands in front of the grafitti wall in Grantville, Georgia, the location of the acclaimed “Clear” episode of The Walking Dead.



Yours truly is joind by JoeLanta stalwarts E.J. White (L) and Maren Jallad (R) at the Cody Lane Memorial Toy and Diorama Museum temporary exhibit at the Historic Train Depot in Stone Mountain Georgia. We’ll have a photo essay on this later in the week, too.


Another look at the Diorama exhibit in Stone Mountain, with Marten Jallad rearranging a few things in advance of the night of the big Christmas Parade.



Marten and E.J. also took us to Unique Thriftique & Consignment in Stone Mountain, and I think I got enough pics in this place for a photo essay.



Your PopCulteer in beatnick mode, having captured one of the items on his quest in the Windy City. It was a quest for Quisp.



One of Santa’s original Reindeer, doing stand-up at Christkindlemarket in Chicago.



His boss was not amused to find him working “blue.”



Our last night in Chicago with The Mads from Mystery Science Teater 3000. Left to right: Mel Larch, Rudy Panucci, Frank Conniff (TV’s Frank) and Trace Beaulieu (Dr. Forrester).



Walking back to the hotel from The Magnificent Mile, we happened upon The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. As we approached to take pictures, the Planters Nutmobile came down the street, did a U-turn and pulled up behind it. There will be a photo essay of this momentous meeting.



SPOILER ALERT: It wound up like this.

Look for more photos all week long.