Jack off 007

So I wanted to plug this upcoming Sunday’s edition of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, but since it hasn’t happened yet, I don’t have anything from it to use as a preview. Luckily, the theme is Jack the Ripper (it’s Halloween season, you know) and I happen to have some Victorian murder mystery imagery handy.

So this week we kick off your artsyness with a digital painting based on a footage I shot back in 2008 to promote the then-upcoming Contemporary Youth Arts Company world premiere of Dan Kehde and Mark Scarpelli’s opera, Jack The Ripper. In this image you see local theater God, Ryan Hardiman, as Jack, and as Mary Kelly, Jack’s final victim, my then-fiancee, now wife, Melanie Larch. This was blown up from a low-res frame grab and was pretty much completely painted over by me, digitally.

CSI Whitechapel: Jack the Ripper Themed Life Drawing will happen Sunday, October 19 at 7 PM at Uncork and Create, on Quarrier Street across from The Quarrier Diner. Ten dollars gets you in the door to draw the models of Dr. Sketchy’s as they recreate the crime scenes that launched a million theories. It’s twenty-one and over and folks can bring their own bottles and art supplies. .