M pyreLet’s say you have an iconic movie, but almost 500 people want to remake it. The only logical thing to do is to dice the film up into tiny little segments and let every filmmaker tackle one of these itty, bitty pieces, most of which are only about fifteen seconds long. Then you put them all together into one big remake and post it on YouTube. That’s what Lucasfilm did with The Empire Strikes Back.

You can see the entire movie in HD right at the top of this post, introduced by the newly-transgendered Empress Palpatine. Of special note to PopCult readers and fans of Radio Free Charleston are two sequences done by my brother, RFC Big Shot and animator, Frank Panucci. If you’re the instant gratification type, after the jump you can see his two segments posted separately.

Here’s the bits Frank did.

"C3PO worries", Star Wars Uncut Scene 113 from Frank Panucci on Vimeo.

This second one was only partially used in the final cut, so this is like the Blu Ray extra.

Star Wars Uncut Scene 431 from Frank Panucci on Vimeo.