This week’s art is a digital painting which, to be honest, is mainly here to plug the “103 Hours of The Swing Shift” marathon that’s going on right now on The AIR.

Something I used to do quite often, but not so much lately, is to try to capture the spirit of dance in an abstract painting. That’s what I was doing here. My fingers were a little too impaired to try this as a physical painting, so I reached into my digital bag of tricks and slapped this out on a coarse virtual canvas, inspired by some of the Swing Dancing videos I watched while trying to decide what to feaure in yesterday’s Sunday Evening Video.

Feel free to click on it to see it bigger, if that’s your thing.

As for what’s happening today on The AIR, I recently hit (and passed) 100 episodes of The Swing Shift, my Swing Music showcase that you can hear Tuesdays at 3 PM on The AIR. In fact, I shot a bit past that, and now have 103 episodes in the can. Starting last night at midnight Sunday and wrapping up Friday morning at 7 AM, you can hear every single episode of The Swing Shift in a 103-hour marathon.

Not only will this allow you to experience the entire series, but it will also give your PopCulteer a week off from producing other radio programming. I need some time so I can get ahead on this year’s PopCult Gift Guide, which is slated to run during most of November.

If you want to hear this near-week of Swing Music, you can if you tune in to The AIR website, or listen on this embedded radio player to get into the Swing of thing with the best Swing Music from the last century!