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Monday Morning Art: The Airman

This week’s Monday Morning Art is a digitally-colored version of a sketch I did twenty years ago to illustrate an unpublished fantasy story. The original drawing was done in black ball-point pen on typing paper while I was on the air on WVNS radio, several months before I began Radio Free Charleston. In the days before portable video games, iPods, and crystal meth, this was how disc jockeys would pass the time while bringing you all the classic hits.

After the jump, you can see the original drawing, along with a couple of rejected color versions.  Click ’em to enlarge. Still no time to update the Monday Morning Art store–I’ll be editing RFC 63 with music from The ButtonFlies, Stephen Beckner and Tofujitsu, who return with a vengeance.  But that’s going to take up most of Monday for your loyal PopCultist.

The original sketch:


An early color version with subdued color:


A stylized version that took away too much detail:

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  1. Elvis Capone

    I didn’t know the Moth Man had fetal alcohol syndrome! Your art is a gateway to wisdom.

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