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Pat McAfee In The Ring: The PopCult Instant Mini Photo Essay

In lieu of “Sunday Evening Videos” and “Monday Morning Art,” which are taking a week off for spring break, PopCult presents a brief photo essay of star WVU Placekicker Pat McAfee (above) making his professional wrestling debut, last night at the IWA East Coast show in South Charleston.

Below you see Pat headed to the ring to confront Dr. Max Graves and his charge, the monster known as “Warpig.”

 Warpig did not exactly welcome Pat with 0pen arms.

In fact, the NFL prospect was welcomed with a body slam…..

…and was on the receiving end of a nasty kick.

The tide turned when McAfee scored his own kick, punting Warpig’s head through the uprights for the pin. 

As always with IWA EC, it was a fun night. McAfee was a hell of a nice guy who seemed to be having the time of his life.  Mad Man Pondo and his crew return to the South Charleston Community Center on April 1, with a show featuring Necrobutcher, a major player in the movie, “The Wrestler.”  And RFC 63 should go online later this week, stay tuned.

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  1. Elvis Capone

    Congratulations to Warpig on his tie-in NABISCO cookie product, WARPIG NEWTONS.

    “A cookie is just a cookie, but a WARPIG NEWTON is fruit and cake and blood”.

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