This week’s art is a real-world small acrylic painting. I decided I wanted to try to replicate my “high detail” work as a physical piece, instead of as a digital painting, which is where I perfected my style. This was done with acrylics on heavy illustration board, and it took the better part of two months since I was only working on it when my fingers would co-operate.

It’s inspired by a series of photos I took in Chicago in 2018. I photographed it under very bright lights, cropped the sloppy borders and color-corrected it a bit once it was in the computer.

This isn’t much bigger than the small studies I’ve been doing for other paintings this year. I wanted to see if I could handle working in this style before I tried doing it on a real canvas. The summer was very rough with my Myasthenai Gravis, and I’m still trying to teach myself the basics again while also learning a few new tricks.

To see it bigger try clicking HERE.

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