Tonight for our Sunday Evening Videos we are going to take one more look at the music and video of one of the most popular of the original Radio Free Charleston bands, Go Van Gogh.

Go Van Gogh were: Johnny Rock, Tim Rock, Stephen Beckner and Mark Beckner. Occasionally the band is augmented by Mark Mingrone, Jason Ashworth and Bain Ashworth. The videos at the top of this post were directed by Tim Rock, Johnny Rock, Stephen Beckner, Melissa Beezley and yours truly.

A bit more than five years ago, we lost Johnny Rock, who was a true legend and a beloved character on the local scene. With the permission of the surviving band members I compiled and posted these videos in his memory. Tonight I thought it’d be nice to go back and take another look at a band that was this close to making it big.

Above you see a compilation of nearly two-and-a-half hours of primo Go Van Gogh. Included are:

“All Over The Road” A document of their tour to Morgantown, WV.
“The Sad Truth” (Excerpt) Part of their mockumentary.
“Live At The Levee: 1991” Half an hour of the band in concert at The Levee (later known as The Boulevard Tavern).
“Coalfinger” What happens with a Southern West Virginia community college Drama department makes a James Bond Movie?
“Live At WVSU” Performing the song, “Stripes with Stains” at West Virginia State University.
“Make The Money” A Comedic Short Film.
“Roll” Music Video.
“Planet of Psychotic Women.” Music Video

Below you’ll find the entire half-hour version of “Go Van Gogh: The Sad Truth.” This mockumentary was the brainchild of Tim Rock, and you’ll see the band and friends (including yours truly) perpetrating a mythical history of the rise and fall of Go Van Gogh.

Enjoy the fun times with Go Van Gogh.