This week we begin June, a month with no specific theme for Monday Morning Art. Today’s self-indulgent digital painting is “Up From The Abyss,” a semi-abstract look back, as you are sucked into nothingness.  I will refrain from making a political comment here.

As I said, there is no theme this month, so there’s no telling what might turn up in this space next week. As always, click the image to see a bigger version.

Also, be sure to tune in to The AIR today, even though we’re still in reruns due to outside concerns.It’s still the best radio you’ll find on the internet. Of note, at 10 PM we have a replay of Six Degrees of Separation with David Dunkley.  Just hit up the website or click this little virtual radio thingy…

If anyone wants to build an app for us for free, we’d point you to it, too. Hasn’t happened yet.