Every Monday in July, the artistic start to PopCult’s week will be a new version of one of the 600 or so pieces of digital art that I’ve created for this blog over the last dozen years. What happened was that I found a stash of old images, and decided to revisit them, adding minor or major twists along the way.

Today we’re going back nearly a dozen years to one of the earliest pieces of my art that was posted here in PopCult. This was even before I picked Monday as my regular artistic dumping ground. Above you see “Virginia Street.” Originally a digitally-assaulted photograph, it has been redone as a fully-painted abstract impressionist glance Eastward on Virginia Street from the intersection with Capitol Street, circa 2005. I kept the odd color palette of the original, but painted over it all digitally, to get rid of the jagged artifacts and other unpleasing aspects. As always, click the dang thang to see it bigger.