kithWanna feel old?

Beloved Canadian comedy troupe, The Kids In The Hall, made their debut with a one-hour special 29 years ago on HBO in the US and on The GBG in Canada. Twenty-two and a half years ago, the final episode of their long-running series aired on CBS.

Dave Foley, Scott Thompson, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinny and Kevin McDonald have since made the movie, Brain Candy, toured a few times, guest-starred in each other’s projects and even reunited for an eight-part mini-series, “Death Comes To Town” in 2010.

The KITH comedy still stands up, and you can see for yourself on the streaming service, SeeSo, which has every episode of the show, as well as other comedy classics like Bottom, Black Adder, Monty Python and even the podcast, My Brother, My Brother and Me.

Or you can just be cheap and watch these clips. Many of these are updated with interviews that were done for The Nerdist. You’ll also see the banned “Dr. Suess Bible” sketch.

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