Every Monday in July, the artistic start to PopCult’s week will be a new version of one of the 600 or so pieces of digital art that I’ve created for this blog over the last dozen years. What happened was that I found a stash of old images, and decided to revisit them, adding minor or major twists along the way.

Today we jump back to a simpler time, when your PopCulteer was content to post digitally-assaulted photographs as Monday Morning Art, without painting over them or just using them for reference. This photo, taken in Charleston’s Davis Square, was first posted in early 2010, and I was in a rush and found myself somewhat mortified by the final results.

Nobody else noticed the digital artifacts and sloppy colors, and I wasn’t really happy with the sky. So since we are revisiting old works all this month, and I mis-counted how many Mondays there were this July and found myself needing an extra piece of art, I decided to go back and tweak this image, ever-so-slightly, ironing out all the wrinkles and pressing the seams, and re-present it for your enjoyment.

Click to enlarge, and if you want to visit one of Downtown Charleston’s rare green spaces, go to Davis Park, outside Davis Square and relax and take in the sun. You can admire the statue of Sammy Davis Jr. on horseback as Jonah Williams from the classic movie, Sergeants 3, a performance which so moved Charleston’s Mayor, John Shanklin, that he ordered the construction of the park and statue in Mr. Davis’ honor.