7-31We’re bringing you Monday and Tuesday’s schedule together this week so that you can plan your entire life around our cool line up of fine programming on our little internet radio station, The AIR. You can listen at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

We have our usual excellent line up of shows on Monday, headlined by a brand-new edition of Marking Out with Betty Rock and a mystery partner discussing professional wrestling. Marking Out can be heard at 5 PM Monday, with replays Wednesday and Sunday.

Of course, we have cool stuff all Monday long on The AIR. The morning sees The AIR Music Mix followed by afternoon replays of the previous week’s episodes of On The Road with Mel and Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle Marcum.

8-01Monday afternoon music pairs Harrah’s Hard & Heavy with Herman Linte’s Prognosis.  In the evening it’s time for talk with Parick Felton, Mark Wolfe and the gang from The Empty Glass.

Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM we offer up tons of great local tunes on Radio Free Charleston.

The morning airing is a four-hour marathon of fantastic local music as we bring you four full episodes of Radio Free Charleston.  The night-time hour is followed by last week’s Radio Free Charleston International.

In the afternoon you can hear Ska and Swing in full bloom. While the evening presents Sydney’s Big Electric Cat at 8 PM, to fill your hearts with New Wave cheer.

Overnight Monday you get Mel Larch’s Curtain Call from Midnight to 7 AM. Overnight Tuesday, Prognosis kicks in at 1 AM and runs until 7 AM Wednesday.

That’s just part of our early-week schedule. We have The New Music Show, The (BS) Crazy Show, Radio Coolsville and more.

Just check the accompanying graphics for our full schedule.