Moonage Daydream: The David Bowie Songbook

Today’s local pick is one that’s been a long time coming. For years Ryan Hardiman, accompanied by Mark Scarpelli and a crew of Charleston’s top musicians, as been performing songs from The David Bowie Songbook as part of Charleston’s New Year’s Eve “Good Night” concert series.

This year finally saw the recording and release of an album by the group that grew out of those concerts. Moonage Daydream: The Bowie Songbook spans the constellation of Bowie’s brilliant career, performed with vocals, piano and string quintet by Ryan Hardiman, Mark Scarpelli, Alasha Al Qudwah, Joseph Cevallos, Jeff Lipscomb, Dean Pauley and Eli Chambers.

As anyone who’s witnessed the concerts knows, this is not only a loving tribute to the music of David Bowie, but it also stands on its own as a high-quality interpretation of some of the finest music ever written.

You can find hard copies on CD or Vinyl in local record stores, or download the album from Amazon, iTunes or other online services.

Moonage Daydream: The Bowie Songbook will be performed live at the V Club on Friday, December 7.  Doors 8 PM, with the show starting at 10 PM. There will be $10 cover and copies of the new album on vinyl and CD will be available. You can take your gift recipient to the show, or just go and enjoy it yourself, picking up the album while you’re there. Either way it’s a great gift.

This is the perfect gift for the music lover, Bowie fan, or supporter of the local scene on your holiday shopping list. Check out a sample below…