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Motorhead of the Class


A couple of weeks ago I told you about local filmmaker Holly Siders and her entry in a contest to make a video for the legendary Metal band, Motorhead. Voting for the contest happens over at Ultimate Classic Rock and you can vote once every hour until the contest ends on October 31. The winner gets a ton of Motorhead merch and their video becomes the offical video for the song.

Holly is an extremely talented creator, which we knew way back in 2007 when we brought you her very first music video, for the band Voices of Anatole, on episode 22 of Radio Free Charleston. We remastered this show last summer and you can see it HERE.

For the contest Holly had to create a video for the Motorhead song, “Killed By Death,” and it was chosen as one of ten finalists in the contest. Currently she’s a strong second in the voting. Even though I normally frown on creative competitions like this, I’m making an exception because Holly does such amazing work, and it’d be really cool for an RFC contributor and PopCult discovery to have an official Motorhead video among their credits. You can vote HERE, and see Holly’s video below…


  1. Rickey Allen

    Edit: You can vote once every hour, please please please help us win this thing!

  2. rudy panucci

    Thanks for the correction. The post has been updated. Go vote, folks!

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