jasons cdIt’s a big week for The Jasons, the band of merry horror punksters who star in the latest RFC MINI SHOW (seen above). Not only did they release their own extraordinarily cool music video (see it below) they also announced a pre-order for their new EP CD. If you hurry, you might still be able to order a special package that includes STALK AND SLASH SUMMER plus 2 buttons, a poster and a set of personalized postcards signed by each member of the band by visiting HERE. Soon you’ll just be able to get the CD.

This is The Jasons second CD release, and is the first recording session with the 4-member line-up. STALK AND SLASH SUMMER was recorded in a blitzkrieg 20 hour session at the Fox’s Burrows studio and mixed/mastered in 2 days. It features eight new studio tracks plus one unreleased bonus track, and runs a little over 18 min.

The fun is not over for The Jasons. Next week they pop back up with two more songs on The Radio Free Charleston Halloween special.