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New GI Joe Books From Thomas Wheeler

New GI Joe Books From Thomas Wheeler

Next up in The 2018 PopCult Gift Guide we have two new books written by my friend, GI Joe: A Real American Hero expert, Thomas Wheeler. These are the perfect gifts for the person on your shopping list who grew up on the cartoons and comics starring the Real American Hero, GI Joe, and of course, who played with the toys. Thomas is one of the top experts on everything about the 3 3/4 inch tall GI Joes, and these books are fascinating for fans of the toys, comics and cartoons.


Although Cobra has always been the best-known adversary of G.I. Joe, there have been others who have challenged the Real American Hero over the decades. Joe’s Other Foes takes a detailed look at these additional adversaries.

From the Dreadnoks to the Iron Grenadiers, from the Red Shadows to the bizarre Lunartix Empire, from the hideous HeadHunters to the occasional allies of the Oktober Guard, those who have opposed the Joes when they haven’t been busy battling Cobra are covered in this book!

Expect a few surprises along the way, as well! Decepticons? And – Dinosaurs?


From 1983-1987, Marvel/Sunbow produced a number of five-part animated mini-series focusing on the mega-hit action figure line, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. These mini-series led to a daily series, which ran for two seasons, culminating in a 1987 movie, originally intended for theatrical release, starring the very interesting lead casting of Burgess Meredith in one of his most bizarre roles ever; popular actor Don Johnson, best known for his role on the 80’s series Miami Vice; and Sgt. Slaughter, voicing his own animated counterpart!

Two years later, another animation company, DiC, would produce a new five-part mini-series, which would lead to a second daily animated series in the early 1990’s, focusing on many of the new characters introduced into the ongoing action figure line at that time.

Combined, close to 150 episodes featuring the adventures of the Real American Hero exist. G.I. Toons provides a comprehensive episode guide, in original broadcast order, to both the Marvel/Sunbow and DiC series, with full plot synopses and background details!

That’s two great reference books on the favorite toy of an entire generation of kids. You can find them at Amazon by clicking the titles of the books. Available in paperback or Kindle form, these are priced low enough to be great stocking stuffers.  Now you know…

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