monday-7-24We’re bringing you Monday and Tuesday’s schedule together this week so that you can plan your entire life around our line up of fine programming on our internet radio station, The AIR. You can listen at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

We have our usual excellent line up of shows on Monday, headlined by a brand-new edition of Marking Out with Betty Rock and a mystery partner discussing professional wrestling. Marking Out can be heard at 5 PM Monday, with replays Wednesday and Sunday.

Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM we offer up a brand new episode of Radio Free Charleston.

The morning airing is followed by three more hours of fantastic local music as we bring you three recent episodes of Radio Free Charleston.  The night-time airing is followed by last week’s Radio Free Charleston International.

Check out the playlist below, and look over our schedules on the handy graphics in this post.



Red Audio  “Money Tree”
The Company Stores  “Homesick”
Sheldon Vance  “Say What I Want To Say”
Ona  “I Will Wait”
Farnsworth  “Already Written”
Pale Nova  “Nothing Is Easy”
Payback’s A Bitch  “Whoa Nelly”
Kerry Hughes  “My Brain is Next On The Chopping Block”
Speedsuit  “Handful of Pills”
Radarhill and Nick Weckman “Trading Scarabs for Oil”
Crazy Jane  “Ride”
Jack Grifftith  “The Way She Moves”
Out of Nowhere  “Take It Back”

We’re going to try posting the schedules for multiple days of programming on The AIR so that we don’t keep clogging up PopCult with posts about the coolest internet radio station on the planet. Nobody wanted a clogged blog, and we plan to bring you more reviews than ever, starting this week!

That’s right, your PopCulteer plans to redouble his efforts to tell you about stuff that’s really, really cool, and we don’t want to post so much stuff here that folks give up because they just can’t keep up with it all.

See, folks, we’re really looking out for you.