12-26-logoAre you ready for yest another BRAND-NEW episode of  Radio Free Charleston?  Tune in at 10 and 10 at, The AIR. You can listen at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

Tuesday we bring you the final  Radio Free Charleston of 2017 to get you through the post-Christmas blahs. It’s one of those weeks where the holiday schedule will have you all out of sorts and many of you may still be shell-shocked after Christmas, so The AIR offers up a tiny bit of stability with this week’s NEW RFC at 10 AM and again at 10 PM Tuesday, with replays Thursday at 3 PM and Saturday at 1 AM and Midnight. Here’s what you can hear this week on RFC


John Radcliff  “Give It Away”
Kerry Hughes  “Denouement”
Hawthorne Heights  “Stranded”
The Company Stores  “Another Place”
Crazy Jane “Out of Nowhere”
The BrotherSisters  “Paradise Bar”
Byzantine  “The Subjagated”
4OHM MONO  “Void In All Between”
Bobaflex  “Reckless”
HARRAH  “Blood Moon (First Strike version)”
Membrane Cell “Dogs and Kings”


We had promised new episodes of all of our afternoon music shows this week, but after careful consideration, we decided to take it easy this week and return with all-new programming next week, the first week of the new year, so this week at 3 PM we plan to encore our personal favorite 2017 episodes of The Swing Shift, Curtain Call, Radio Free Charleston International and Sydney’s Big Electric Cat. Thanks for suporting The AIR, and check out our schedule, embedded right here for your pleasure…