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No More Bubbles

Isn’t it especially sad that legendary Hawaiian novelty singer Don Ho passed away in a week that saw his name in the news more than any other time in history?   Cheesy entertainment in our fiftieth state will never be the same. 

Hoist a tiki cup in his memory, folks. 

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  1. Elvis Capone

    Don ho was not daffy-headed. In fact, his dad was actually Frank Sinatra. That’s whey, under the radar of the gossip press, Sinatra bought Don Ho his first Hot Wheels set for Christmas. Unfortunately, at the time that gift was made, Ho was 38 years old. Sinatra was not an “engaged” parent, but he was a Ho parent nonetheless.

    The Hot Wheels set under discussion included a “Splittin’ Image” and a “Beatnik Bandit”, both Redline originals. Sometimes, Ho would use individual pieces of the flexy yellow Hot Wheels track to gently spank the buttocks of paid escorts.

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