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On The Road To GI Joe Land

It’s West Virginia Day, and that means two things: First, you should be listening to The AIR for the Radio Free Charleston West Virginia Day Marathon, and second, a big chunk of my readers will not be checking PopCult today. It’s a state holiday, and a goodly number of regular PopCult readers are state workers who sneak peeks at this blog while they’re at work. Since there will be fewer readers, and yours truly is pressed for time anyway, this short post is all the “fresh content” that you get today.

As soon as the house-sitter arrives, your PopCulteer is hitting the road to Chattanooga, where the last-ever GI Joe Convention will happen. I’m only going for one day of the convention (I collect the original 12″ GI Joes, not the little Real American Hero guys, so there’s not going to be a lot there for me), but I do hope to meet some online friends that I’ve never met in the real world yet, and I hope to snag some official club merchandise, hopefully at blowout prices. The rest of the trip down, Mrs. PopCulteer and I plan to meander and explore on our own damned time.

Anyway, here’s the logo for the convention. I may take photos or I may not. Don’t expect many. I’m going to have fun.


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  1. Keith "Big Daddy K" Mayo

    It figures (see what I did there?) that when the OFFICIAL GIjOE con hits my local LZ the 12″ line is long been dead.

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