Radio Free Charleston is in the forefront Wednesday on The AIR. Starting a 1 AM on June 20, The AIR brings you 30 hours of local, West Virginia-centric music. You can tune in at The AIR website, or just listen on this little embedded radio doohickey…

Radio Free Charleston is, of course, West Virginia’s longest-running program devoted to WV-based music of all types. Currently the exclusive home of RFC is The AIR, and to mark West Virginia Day we’ve programmed thirty straight hours of local music. This is not just stereotypical hillbilly hoedown music. You will hear Rock, Metal, Progressive Jazz, Pop, Fusion, Prog Rock, Retro-rock, Rap, New Age, Soul, Cabaret, Art Rock and just about any genre of music you can imagine. The closest we get to Country music is some of the Americana, but the point of Radio Free Charleston has always been to showcase the divisity and myraid talents that our state harbors.

Among the music you’ll hear during the marathon are classic tracks from recent years, brand-new music, and hidden gems from deep in the 30-plus year RFC Archives. Tune in and find out that there’s so much more to our state’s music scene than song-storyin’ about the hill and ballads about coal mine disasters. It’ll give you hope for our future.

The RFC marathon starts at 1 AM Wednesday morning and runs until 7 AM Thursday morning. You can hear a weekly mini-marathon of Radio Free Charleston every Saturday at Midnight, exclusively on The AIR.