Tune in to Appalachian Independent Radio, or listen right in this here little radio player..

…for this week’s radio version of Radio Free Charleston. It’s chock full o’ brand-new local music, mixed with cool stuff from deep in the RFC archives. We kick it off with Ona, then plow through with the best local music from the last quarter-century, all in one tight, two-hour package.

Listen at 10 AM and 10 PM Tuesdays, with replays on the weekend.

This week’s playlist:

Ona  “Rocks In The Basement”

The Smoky Room  “Finish Me”
Jack Griffith  “Child of Light”
The Company Stores  “Unwelcomed Guest”
J Marinelli  “Kendrick’s Ghost”
Miniature Giant  “Too Soon”

John Radcliff  “Naked Souls”
Joe Vallina  “Year of the Wicked”
The Nanker Phelge  “Baby”
Under Surveillance  “Crisis”

Stone Ka Tet  “Ronin”
John Lancaster  “Long Gone”
Byzantine  “Purity”
David White  “Zwak”

Superfetch  “West Side Story”
The Big Bad  “Lost In The Night”
The Silvers  “Nothing Really Matters”
Billy Matheny  “I Hope I Don’t See You Today” with Kim Monday
Jeff Ellis  “On Top Again”

Mad Scientist Club  “Incident”
Under The Radar  “If Ever There’s A Star”
Paul Calicoat  “Midnight Stroll”
Ann Magnuson  “Waterbeds of Hollywood”

Sheldon Vance  “To Spite The Pain”
Frank Panucci  “Captain Rubber Spaceman”
Jordan Andrew Jefferson  “It Is What It Is”

The Renfields  “Haddonfield”
The Renfields  “Invisible Man”