RFC 106 "FestivAll 2010 part five" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

Episode 106 of Radio Free Charleston is right there at the top of this post. This is the next-to-last of our six-episode look at FestivAll 2010.  For those of you keeping score at home, this has been the equivalent of producing a two-hour documentary–filming, editing, and posting online–in the span of three weeks.

This episode of RFC includes music from The Velvet Gypsies, Actual Rhinocerous and Comparsa, plus a sample of Patrick Felton’s play, “Waiting For Jennifer” and more scenes from ArtWalk and the Capitol Street Art Fair, featuring Jude Binder and the Crystal Tooth Gallery this time.

The current plan is for our final FestivAll installment to include music from Barebones, Option 22 and Brian Diller, and as much of the rest of the stuff I shot during FestivAll as possible. I want to have that one online by the end of the week.  If all goes well, I may cut these shows together into one feature-length film, and figure out where we can show it.

This week’s PopCulteer is supposed to be a full set of production notes for all six episodes complete with behind-the-scenes anecdotes and stories about how we filmed these suckers.  Considering the fact that I haven’t started on part six yet, those plans are subject to change.

RFC 108 is going to get us back to normal with InFormation and a cool video by Frank Panucci for the group, Volt 9000. Look for it a couple of weeks after we get FestivAll wrapped up.