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Friday afternoon at 3 PM (with replays Saturday at 2 PM and Monday at 7 AM) we have a very special episode of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat.

Host, Sydney Fileen, has assembled a tribute to the influential and beloved multi-artist New Wave concert film, URGH! A Music War.

Various-Punk++New+Wave+Urgh+A+Music+War+504893In the summer of 1980, Director Derek Burbidge and producer Michael White staged a series of concerts in the United States and the UK, and filmed an amazing collection of the top emerging artists from the New Wave scene. A memorable soundtrack album was released in 1982, with the film following a year later. For many music lovers in small towns, this was their first exposure to artists like The Cramps, Pere Ubu, Klaus Nomi, Toyah, and UB40. The inclusion of The Police, along with other established acts like DEVO, Oingo Boingo, Gary Numan and XTC made this a must-have album for New Wave music fans.

Now, more than thirty-six years after the original concerts, Fileen has assembled a collection of the studio versions of many of the songs featured in the final URGH! film. Time restraints meant that she couldn’t include all 34 acts that were featured in the movie, and one song is actually presented in its live form from the original album because it was never recorded as a proper studio release, but this is still a fascinating time capsule and a tribute to one of the great artifacts of the New Wave era.

This week’s Playlist:

The Police  “Driven To Tears”
DEVO  “Uncontrollable Urge”
Toyah Wilcox  “Danced”
Klaus Nomi  “Total Eclipse”
XTC  “Respectable Street”
Echo and The Bunnymen  “The Puppet”
The Go Gos  “We Got The Beat”
Magazine  “Model Worker”
Oingo Boingo  “Ain’t This The Life”
Athletico Spizz 80  “Where’s Captain Kirk?”
999  “Homicide”
Chelsea “I’m On Fire”
Gang of Four “He’d Send In The Army”
The Cramps  “Tear It Up”
X  “Beyond and Back”
Joan Jett  “Bad Reputation”
Dead Kennedys  “Bleed For Me”
Wall of Voodoo  “Back In Flesh”
Splodgenessabounds  “Two Little Boys”
Skafish “Sign of The Cross (live from URGH)”
OMD  “Enola Gay”
Steel Pulse “Ku Klux Klan”
Au Pairs  “Come Again”
John Otway  “Cheryl’s Going Home”
Alley Cats  “Nothing Means Nothing Anymore”
The Fleshtones  “Shadowline”
Surf Punks  “My Beach (From New Wave Theater)”
The Members  “Offshore Banking Business”
UB40  “Madame Madusa”
The Police  “Roxanne”

You can find URGH! A Music War at Amazon. Sydney’s Big Electric Cat presents two hours of great New Wave music every Friday at 3 PM on The AIR.

Later tonight, The AIR brings you a brand-new episode of Laugh Appalachia, with Lee, Jay and Tiff, at 9 PM, and at 9:30 PM Word Association with Lee and Rudy gives you a quick n’ dirty look at Rock Managers, from Colonel Tom to Malcolm McLaren.