Image71We march through the run of Radio Free Charleston with our first two-part episode, now combined into one video clip, the first Radio Free Charleston Halloween Special. In our first year we decided to do two episodes for Halloween, back-to-back on consecutive weeks (the first time we achieved that, by the way). At the end of the first show, your host (that’s me) gets killed. Part two is hosted by my ghost.

Image75Music includes The Concept, half of The Pistol Whippers, Whistlepunk, Clownhole and Professor Mike.These shows also include Pentagram Flowerbox, animation by yours truly and Brian Young, short films by Frank Panucci and the first on-screen appearance of my now-wife, Mel Larch. This began the tradition of RFC taking on overly-ambitious ideas for our Halloween Shows, and with any luck, we may cook up some sort of harebrained scheme for this year.