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POKÉMON Detective Pikachu is one of the most-anticipated movies of the year. This science fiction action comedy mystery takes the traditional Pokémon concept and turns it on its side. Based on the 2016 video game, Detective Pikachu, this movie, which is due out May 10, looks to be a sure bet to rule the box office. Instead of a simple battle of Pokémon , Pokémon: Detective Pikachu features a wild, Film Noir plot, an amnesiac Pikachu who also happens to be a master detective, and a missing person mystery coupled with some world-threatening criminal plots.

The movie stars Ryan Reynolds as the voice and facial motion capture of Detective Pikachu, with Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, Suki Waterhouse, Omar Chaparro, Chris Geere, Ken Watanabe and Bill Nighy in live-action roles. Co-written and directed by Rob Letterman, who has a background in animation and whacked-out comedy, this movie looks like a Deadpool for kids, without all the violence, sex and cursing.

Being for kids (and kids at heart) there are going to be a ton of toy tie-ins that should be hitting stores right now. Wicked Cool Toys has the license, and they’ve crafted an incredible line-up of goodies that I’m going to tell you about in this post.

Toy retailers everywhere are selling cool items based on POKÉMON Detective Pikachu. This Detective Pikachu product line includes an exclusive selection of special movie plush and features plush, 2” and 3” figures, and a fun role-play item for fans of all ages to tap into their imagination and solve mysteries just like Detective Pikachu.

8” Plush – With & Without Sound

Fans can cuddle with the crime-solving Detective Pikachu and his exclusive cast. Fans of all ages will assign themselves to the case and want to add this exclusive line-up to their collection. The special movie plush line features 4 great Pokémon figures including Ludicolo, Psyduck and Snubbull! Innovative sensor technology gives unique interactivity; the more you play with Ludicolo, Psyduck and Snubbull, the more varied their responses will become with 2-4 different sounds in each. The Detective Pikachu special movie plush is ready to search for clues as every fan’s favorite crime fighting partner. Ages 4+, SRP $14.99

10” POKÉMON Detective Pikachu Movie Feature Plush

Go on an adventure with the new Detective Pikachu feature plush. The Detective Pikachu movie feature plush features 2 voice modes; “Detective Pikachu” and “Pikachu” so you can interact with your favorite Pokémon, just like in the movie.

Press its chest button when you want you or your friends to hear Detective Pikachu speak and press it again when you only want to hear Pikachu’s voice! Detective Pikachu also features over 14 responses, motorized ears, a detectives’ hat and Special movie plush. Ages 6+, SRP: $34.99

12” Action Figure Plush

Fans will love the perfect, poseable and huggable cast. This toys combine the posability of action figures with the cuddliness of plush, and the result is loads of fun. Mr. Mime is not your traditional Pokémon character, and he looks pretty wildly eccentric.

This will be perfect for kids and adult collectors as well.

Bigger is better with the special movie action plush which features some of your favorite Pokémon, including Mr. Mime (seen left) with poseable arms and legs. Ages 4+, SRP: $24.99

16” Real Scale Detective Pikachu Plush

Super-sized and lovable! Fans of all ages will want to grab ahold of the largest Detective Pikachu special movie plush with its signature detective hat. This is the next best thing to having your own real-life Pikachu.

Make this soft and huggable Detective Pikachu plush a kid’s best friend, or save it for yourself because know you want one. Ages 4+, SRP: $29.99

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu Movie Figure Line

Explore and create dynamic adventurous poses! Take your Pokémon universe to a whole new level of awesomeness and excitement with the NEW POKÉMON Detective Pikachu movie figure line. Explore Ryme City with your 2” in-scale figures Detective Pikachu, Psyduck and Bulbasaur. Create dynamic poses with your 3” articulated figures including Ludicolo and Mr. Mime, and take them on an adventure you’ll never forget! Each figure is highly detailed and replicates the authentic look of the POKÉMON Detective Pikachu movie! Ages 4+, SRP: $6.99

Detective Pikachu Hat with Ears

If it’s not enough to hold Detective Pikachu, fans can get this special hat, wear it and become the adventurous and adorable Detective Pikachu. Fans can put on this one size fits most Detective Pikachu hat with ears and role play their favorite scenes just like their favorite private eye! Ages 6+, SRP: $14.99

Moving beyond the movie,  this fall Wicked Cool Toys is also offering a comphrensive POKÉMON line of electronic toys based on the POKÉMON universe. These won’t be out for a few months, check out these cool items…

4” Electronic Pikachu – “My Partner Pikachu”

My Partner Pikachu is electrifying and will touch the hearts of many. Kids and fans are going to love this adorable action-packed Electronic Pikachu featuring over 100 responses and mechanized arms and ears that are activated by touch sensors! You can also engage with My Partner Pikachu by touching its nose, forehead and belly to see it come to life as it talks and lights up. Ages 4+, SRP: $19.99

We’ll bring you more POKÉMON toy news on the other side of the jump…

Feature Magikarp

Fantastic flopping fun! Fans will be flipping out with joy to add the new soft, adorable and wiggly Feature Magikarp plush pal to their Pokémon collection as it features motorized flopping action and a rotating mechanism that will have it flipping and flopping everywhere. Engage with Magikarp by tapping its body to see some serious flopping action come to life Ages 4+, SRP: $19.99

Flame Action Charmander – Interactive Technology!

Soft, Snuggly and innovative Flame Action Charmander has sound effects, speaks, and has a light-up tail and mouth! Fans of all ages are going to be fired up and love making friends with this dynamic addition to the Pokémon line-up. Engage with Charmander by squeezing its paws to see flashing fire in its mouth and light up its tail or for sound effects to hear Charmander speak! Hear Charmander say “Char!” “Char!” “Mander!” Ages 4+, SRP: $29.99

Power Action Pikachu – Exciting Interactive Technology!

Cuddly and innovative Power Action Pikachu reacts to motion, lights up, has sound effects, speaks and has a light-up tail! Fans of all ages are going to love making friends with this adorable addition to the Pokémon line-up. Engage with Pikachu by squeezing its hands to either see its tail and cheeks light up or for sound effects and to hear Pikachu speak! Innovative sensor technology gives Power Action Pikachu unique interactivity; the more you play and engage with Pikachu, the more varied and dynamic its responses become. Hear Pikachu say “Pika-chuuuuu!” when thrown into battle mode or hear a response with a sad “Pikaaa” when it doesn’t land upright! Ages 4+, SRP: $29.99

Wicked Cool Toys is also taking Pokémon in some new directions with a line of action figures. The new scaled figure line from Wicked Cool Toys offers an extensive range of Pokémon that will have kids and fans around the world wanting them all. The line includes 2” figures, 3” articulated figures, 4” vinyl figures, 4.5” feature figures and 12” articulated Epic Pokémon figures. A series number on the figure and packaging will help fans track their Pokémon figures.

2” Battle Figure Packs

Go to battle with these powerful figures! The 2” figure packs feature two figures posed for action, such as Pikachu vs. Charmander ready for battle! The 2” figures will feature 4 waves per year – Each wave has 6 great Pokémon figure 2-packs! Ages 4+, SRP: $6.99

3” Battle Figures

Pose your figures for battle! The 3” articulated figures can be posed to be battle-ready. The 3” figures will feature 4 waves per year – Each wave has 3 great Pokémon figures including Vaporeon. Ages 4+, SRP: $6.99

2” & 3” Figures – Battle Figure Sets – 3 Packs

2” figures are posed and 3” are articulated – Packs include 2 – 2” figures and 1 – 3” figure. 3 waves of 4 styles. Ages 4+, SRP $12.99

2” & 3” Figures – Battle Figure Sets – 8-Packs

2” figures are posed and 3” are articulated – Packs include 6 – 2” figures and 2 – 3” figures and 2 waves. Ages 4+, SRP $29.99

4” Pokémon Quest Vinyl Figures – A Collectors Dream!

Pokémon Quest Are Here!! The new and highly collectible 4” Vinyl Figures have detailed expressions and are featured in fun poses. The 4” Vinyl figures will feature 3 waves per year – Each wave has 4 great Pokémon figures including Snorlax, Gengar, Eevee, Pikachu and more. Ages 4+, SRP: $9.99 – $12.99

4.5” Battle Feature Figures

Engage with these exciting fan favorite figures! As a TOTY 2019 Action Figure of the Year finalist, the 4.5” figures have been a favorite amongst fans and will continue to feature articulation with character-inspired mechanisms that include launching, gripping, rolling, and more! You can squeeze Gengar’s head to make its tongue pop out, push Blaziken’s head back and make its leg kick, push on Snorlax’s belly and hear it snore and push a button back to make Blastoise shoot! The 4.5” figures includes 3 waves per year of 4 great Pokémon figures, and are all trackable by a numbered series on the figures and packaging! Ages 4+, SRP: $9.99

12” Epic Pokémon Figures

Fans will love these large Pokémon. The biggest action figures in the Pokémon toy range, these articulated large-scale Pokémon will thrill fans of all ages. The assortment will include 1 wave of 2 great 12” Epic Pokémon figures – Gyarados and Dragonite – each with its own unique style of articulation, as well as a series number on the figure and packaging for easy tracking. Ages 4+, SRP: $19.99


Wicked Cool Toys will also offer a bounty of great Pokémon items in the specialty market as well as mainstream retaliers:

Squishy Ditto

Squish it! Squeeze it! Love it! Kids will love to squish and squeeze as they have gobs of fun with Squishy Ditto! The Squishy Ditto is 3.75” tall and its limber body is made from a soft material filled with a special compound! Ages 5+, SRP: $9.99

Plush – Soft, Cuddly and Powerful!

Fans will love these new Pokémon plush products which include a wide variety of fun functions and sizes. The 3.5” Pokémon Clip-On plush, 4” Poké Ball plush, 8” Pokémon plush, 8” Seasonal plush, 12” Pokémon plush and an 18” plush Pikachu can go everywhere with them or keep them company for snuggling at night!

3.5” Clip-On Plush

Now you can keep your favorite Pokémon handy! These 3.5” Clip-On plush come with colorful Pokémon faces with high-quality embroidered details. Kids can clip them to their backpacks, beltloops, luggage and so much more! Enjoy them all with 2 waves per year of 6 styles, include popular Pokémon like Pikachu, Meowth and Ditto. Ages 4+, SRP: $7.99

4” Poké Ball Plush

Soft plush Poké Ball power! Toss into battle and it always lands upright! Features high-quality embroidered details in 2 waves per year of 6 styles. Ages 4+, SRP $7.99

8” Figure Plush

Make friends with your favorite Pokémon! Find them before they get away! Featuring high-quality embroidered detail and soft poly fill. Appearing in 4 waves per year of 6 styles, include popular Pokémon like Pikachu, Dratini, Larvitar, Marill, Banette, Mimikyu and more! Ages 4+, SRP $12.99

8” Seasonal Pikachu Plush

Celebrate your holidays with Pikachu, the seasonal plush will be a great addition to any collection! Featuring high-quality embroidered detail with unique materials and soft poly fill. Appearing in 4 waves of 3 styles with a special holiday themed-Pikachu for Halloween, Christmas and more! Ages 4+, SRP: $12.99

12” Figure Plush

Fans will love their new cuddly companions! Bigger is better when it comes to these larger scale Pokémon plush which feature high-quality embroidered detail and soft poly fill. Appearing in 2 waves per year of 6 styles, these include popular Pokémon like Pikachu, Tyranitar, Raichu, Sharpedo, Slowpoke and more! Ages 4+, SRP: $19.99

18” Plush Pikachu

Super-sized and huggable! You’ll want to wrap your arms around this large-scale plush of the all-time favorite Pokémon, Pikachu! With plenty of love to spare, this soft and cuddly plush can be any kid’s best bud. Ages 4+, SRP: $29.99

Roleplay – Put Your Pokémon Into Action. Wicked Cool Toys is focused on bringing engaging play and social interaction to the entire line of Pokémon! Pop Action Poké Ball and the Clip ‘n’ Go Poké Ball Belt Set are the perfect roleplay battle toys to take the adventure anywhere!

2” Figure with Poke Ball — Clip ‘n’ Go

Take your Pokémon anywhere with the Clip ‘n’ Go! 1- 2” figure and 1 Poké Ball, this Poké Ball design makes taking your Pokémon anywhere easy – just clip on your belt and go! The Clip ‘n’ Go line has 2 waves of 6 styles, include popular Pokémon like Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and more! Ages 4+, SRP $9.99

Pop Action Poké Ball – Battle Action is in the Palm of Your Hand!

Kids can feel like a real Pokémon Trainer with the Pop Action Poké Ball! Send your favorite Pokémon plush into battle when you insert a 2.5” plush Pokémon inside the Pop Action Poké Ball. The elastic string will pop open your Poké Ball launching your Pokémon as far as 10 feet! Pop Action Poké Ball will appear in 3 waves per year of 4 great Pokémon plush assortments like Magikarp, Squirtle, Pichu, Wobbuffet, Pikachu and more! Ages 4+, SRP: $12.99

Clip ‘n’ Go Poké Ball Belt Set

Prepare for battle! Take your Pokémon everywhere you go when you wear the new Clip ‘n’ Go Poké Ball Belt! Carry up to 6 Clip ‘n’ Go Poké Balls with your favorite Pokémon and be ready for battle! Set includes, one
Pokémon Belt, two Clip ‘n’ Go Poké Balls and one 2” Pokémon figure. Comes in 2 waves per year of 2 styles. Ages 4+, SRP: $19.99


Specialty Figures and Plush

Select Collection – 2” Battle Figures with Case
Fans will want them all! Each 2” figures comes with its very own display case with special red and silver foil packaging. The Select Collection will feature 4 waves per year of 6 styles each, including Squirtle and more! Series numbering on the figures and packaging make tracking your Pokémon figures easy and fun! Ages 4+, SRP: $6.99

8” Figure Plush

Fans will want to find these plush before they get away! Featuring high-quality embroidered detail, they are super soft with vibrant colors! Appearing in 4 waves per year of 6 styles each and each wave will have 3 exclusive Pokémon including Pikachu, Voltorb, Vulpix, Mew, Piplup and more! Ages 4+, SRP $12.99