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ToyLanta 2019: Featured Dioramas

Okay, I’m going to try to wrap this up in one post. Again, I apologize for taking so long to get this photo essay finished. Between technical issues with the blog interface, medical issues with my eyes, and focus issues with my camera, I’m just now getting around to wrapping up my coverage of ToyLanta 2019, almost a month since it began.

Today we’re going to deliver the big finish with photos of the featured dioramas. These would be the World War Z poster recreation by Mike Gardner, Planet Rattus by Steve Bugg (with a contributions from Bryan Tatum and Scott Beckmann), plus Clay Sayre’s heads (you’ll see), and dioramas of Star Wars and The USS Flagg, by folks whose names I was too stupid to remember.

Since my photos were pretty fuzzy-looking, I have supplemented them with some pictures swiped from Scott Beckmann via The Trenches Forum on Facebook, and some frame-grabs from the ToyLanta Diorama Video, which I posted here, what seems like, a long time ago.

At the head of the post you see Mike Gardner with his diorama. We’ll start with some close-ups of Mike’s work, then work our way through the rest.

World War Z

Mike’s diorama included around 640 figures, plus a steel frame covered with styrofoam. He worked on the various elements for months, then spent more than a day constructing the finished diorama on site.

This was such a huge diorama that you had to walk around it to get it from different angles.


Then you had to move in for close-ups, and it was still impossible to show all the details without posting a few hundred photos.





We’ll take one last look at Mike’s awesome diorama, then move on to Steve Bugg’s, which was so big I don’t think got a photo of the entire thing.

Planet Rattus

Steve Bugg created an incredilbe science-fiction display showing Spacemen attempting to capture a primitive race of Rat People so that they could be transported to a safer planet. The Rattus people did not all go easily. I loved this, even though it was so huge that I wasn’t able to back up far enough to get the entire diorama in one shot…plus it was a 360 degree display. Here are some highlights.

















Clay Sayre

Saint Albans native, Clay Sayre, who is now living in the Atlanta area, had some custom prop heads on display in the diorama room, as well as the show ‘n’ tell stuff he brought for the Cereal Premiums panel…








Star Wars And The USS Flagg

We are now way past pushing the limits of how many photos we can cram into one blog post, so I’m just going to post these images and then call it a day. The creativity on display at ToyLanta is astounding, and I promise that next year I’ll use a better camera.







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  1. andrew mcgrady

    Freakin AWESOME. You should have seen the Brad Pitt figure in Mike’s diorama. Head sculpt was DEAD ON!

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