The PopCulteer
October 7, 2022

So, today’s PopCulteer was supposed to be a long, personal essay, one that I’ve been writing in my head since July.  It’s going to be intense, quite a depature from what I usually write, and relevant and important and serious.

And I’m not up to writing it at the moment. It’s been a pretty grueling thought process, and this week has just been too hectic. So I’m punting.

Instead, below you will find several random images that I’ve pulled out of my hard drive, along with some amusing or informative copy.  Many of these images go back fifteen years ago, or more. There are a few images of yours truly, like the one from 2008 with Marvin The Wonder Pelt, seen above at right.

With luck, my big long essay will appear in this space next week.

Until then, enjoy the pitchers. I’m going to tempt fate and see how many I can cram in here without breaking the blog.  Each one is worth a thousand words, you know.

An old shot of the Kanawha River and its associated Boulevard, before they built the Stargate and canopy at Haddad Riverfront Park.

An unused version of a Monday Morning Art piece from 2007, I think.

What I got for Christmas, 1972.

My beloved Psychedelic Refrigerator gave up the ghost this week at the tender age of 45.

This photo by EVAN VUCCI/AP should win the Pulitzer.

Christmas display, 2007.

Back on Radio Free Charleston 43 (video version) the “Fake Rudy” segment, created by Frank Panucci, had a girl in a teeny bikini, with my voice coming out of her mouth. My editor panicked, fearful that the Widder Chilton would see this and banish me from The Gazette. So he rejected the show until we fixed it, which in retrospect, made it way the hell funnier.

Sixteen years ago, a house a block away from me caught fire. I took this photo from my front porch.

Me, wearing an Ian Bode shirt in front of the Tokydoki wall at Rotofugi.

I think I wound up using a different version of this for Monday Morning Art thirteen or fourteen years ago.

Of course I still have my DEVO action figures. Doesn’t everybody?

My beautiful Melanie and I were a couple for 16 years before she willingly let me take a photo of her.

Looking up on Hale Street. Digitally manipulated photo, 2007.

Hosting RFC 48 in 2008.

We’ll be going back to this place in December. It’s been too long.

Circa 2007, the Taipai Death Flamingo we made for an IWA East Coast “Fans Bring the Weapons” match. Nobody was crazy enough to use it.

Spud, drawn my me, as “Spuda” a parody of Coda, the lead character and namesake of the comic where Spud appeared.

Finally, your PopCulteer, at the WVNS studio in 1989, preparing to broadcast the first-ever episode of Radio Free Charleston in September, 1989.

This was easier than trying to type with wonky fingers. Check PopCult for fresh content every day.