The PopCulteer
November 11, 2011

Thousands Of Words

Your PopCulteer is a bit swamped this week. I have two magazine articles in the works, another pressing deadline, and I’m preparing for an out of town trip.

This means that you lucky readers are going to get a special treat this week. I have searched my hard drives for cool images that I probably haven’t posted here in PopCult yet! That’s vintage flyer art for the band, Three Bodies, from 1990, on the right. Most of the images are more recent than that.

On top of that, each image will have a clever, charming and/or educational caption. Since every picture is worth a thousand words, that makes this one of the longest columns I’ve ever written. At least that’s my story.

A cool photo accidentally left out of last week's PopCulteer: HallowEast's Daddy, Mark Wolfe, at the ArtMares edition of Dr. Sketchy with Penny Maple and Pepper Fandango in the background.

Disturbing The Peace at The Monster Bash at Kanawha Players Theater last month.

The Hack3rCon banner at Windows On The River during CharCon.

Previously unpublished version of my drawing of Building 82 imploding.

Cool vinatge GI Joes in a display case at Where The Toys Are in Canonsburg, PA.

Cool people at an ArtWalk from earlier this year.

Tofujitsu at The Purple Moon during an ArtWalk.

The edition of Dr. Sketchy's with invisible models. (Actually they just weren't there yet.)

Another lost ArtWalk photo.

A logo I did for Mother Nang in 1992.

From the 2008 Halloween episode of RFC, your PopCulteer in the middle, flanked by November Dr. Sktchy model Kitty Killton on the left, Mother Nang drummer and new dad Brian Young on the left, and Flare Barshi in front.

"Scape No. 1" the first of a very lame series of digital paintings.

Frank Panucci's 1989 logo for the RFC radio show.

You should have thought of that before we left.

Kroger's no longer carries Playboy magazine because of the negative effects that naked boobs have on society.

A nold shot of The Peoples Building on Summers Street.

That same photo after being digitally assaulted.

HarraH frontman, Lee Harrah. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

The Sleeping Dons from RFC 2. Jay Lukens, Deron Sodaro and Sean Richardson.

The Nanker Phelge at The Empty Glass last year.

Nanker drummer Dave Roberts with Lee Harrah.

Linfinity at The Glass. They have a new album coming soon.

Titans of the local music scene, Melanie Larch, Roadblock and Johnny Rock.

My take on an updated version of Frank's RFC logo.

Ian Bode and Dave Thomas at Art Emporium.

Digital painting of my Melanie. I'm quite smitten iwth this young lady, in case you didn't know.

The cover of the first issue of E-Man. art by Joe Staton. E-Man will be returning soon from the revived First Comics.

Digitally assaulted photo of The Union Building.

Your PopCulteer from RFC 80, wearing a No Pants Players shirt in front of the building where I used to do the RFC radio show.

Evening scene from earlier this year.

Bill and Blair Gardner arriving at Capitol Roasters for a blogger meet up.

A dealer's table from this year's MEGO Meet in Wheeling.

Custom figures from MEGO Meet.

As seen on the West Side.

A frame-grab from C-Span.

A somewhat lame digital painting.

A crowded day in the toy vault from a few years ago.

Digital painting of Capitol Street.

Finally, a screen grab from a Christmas 1973 home movie. I still have the Sea Adventurer.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be back with real writing next week.