Floating at the top of this post you will find Radio Free Charleston 147, “Mighty Avengers Shirt.” This installment of our webshow features music by Miniature Giant, Dual Core, Volt 9000 and Disturbing The Peace. We also have animation from Frank Panucci and other weirdness.

I like me gum!

Host segments were shot at a random parking lot in Kanawha City along MacCorkle Avenue. Sometimes we do things on the show for no reason. Like opening with a vintage commercial for Teaberry Gum, for instance.

Miniature Giant at Kanawha Players Theater

Our first musical guest is Miniature Giant, a new punk outfit headed by Mike Workman, who you have seen on RFC previously playing guitar with White Chapel District. The band is filled out by Johny Ballard and Jeremy Brown, and they are one tight punk band We caught up with the band at the Monster Bash Halloween show at Kanawha Players Theater. We feature Miniature Giant with the song “Piss and Vinegar.”


Our animation this week is another “Lax” meditation toon by Frank Panucci. You have not seen the last of him in this week’s show.

Dual Core at Windows On The River.

Dual Core is a nerdcore rapper. He busts his rhymes about computers and science fiction all over the country. A few weeks ago he was in Charleston for Hackercon 3, and we caught up to him at Windows on the River atop The Charleston House Ramada, which for one night only became Windows 7 on the river. Thanks to Bill Gardner and the kind folks at Hack3rCon and CharCon, we present Dual Core with My Girlfriend’s a Hacker.”


Killink is in Istanbul. That’s about all we know about our short film this week. Shazam! .

"Trancers" by Volt 9000, animated by Frank Panucci.

Volt 9000 is an Industrial Electronica musical artist from Toronto, and you may remember that a couple of years ago, RFC Big Shot Frank Panucci created a video for the Volt 9000 song, “American Machine.” Well, Frank and Volt 9000 have teamed up again for a brand new video, and we’re very happy to bring it to you. Check out Volt 9000 with “Trancers” in this week’s RFC.

Disturbing The Peace at The LaBelle Theater.

On the way out we treat you to a performance from the September Slam at The LaBelle Theater. It’s a special performance of the Drowning Pool Song “Bodies” by Disturbing The Peace, joined by Bret Wood from Born of Conviction. You’ll also see Hugh Deskins from Remains Unnamed chiming in oon vocals from the mosh pit. September Slam was a pretty wild show.

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