10155801_566228330158887_683370258372447471_n (1)Continuing our coverage of this weekend’s upcoming cool event, ShockaCon (at the Beni Kedem Shrine on Quarrier Street near the Civic Center), today we look at Eamon Hardiman and Missy Dawn, of Razor Sharp Studios, who will appear on panels and screen their latest film, “Pig Girl” this weekend.

But first, we’re going to plug Razor Sharp’s latest project, which they are crowdfunding right HERE.

“Steve: Death Collector” is based on a short film Razor Sharp were commissioned to make for the Celluloid Screams festival in Sheffield (that’s the UK, not Sheffield, Ohio). The creator of the “Porkchops” trilogy had to complete a mock trailer for use as a bumper in between films at their festival. They were were given a title and several rules, one of which dictated that the film could only be one-minute in length. Now Razor Sharp Studios plans to expand this mock trailer into an entire film.

10268653_564850606963326_8896313429946127759_n (1)Eamon and Missy will discuss this upcoming project and their other movies during a Q & A session Saturday Afternoon at 2 PM at ShockaCon (the full schedule for ShockaCon will be posted here later today). Saturday night at 10:15 PM, their latest opus, “Pig Girl” will make its West Virginia debut at ShockaCon. Razor Sharp Studios will also have a table at ShockaCon so you can buy all their movies and extra merchandise.

After the jump, you can read the full Razor Sharp press release.

Direct from Razor Sharp Studios:

Award winning horror film to premiere at Shockacon
West Virginia filmed “Pig Girl” screens this weekend in Charleston

The latest horror feature from Razor Sharp Studios, “Pig Girl”, will make its West Virginia premiere this weekend at Shockacon horror convention in Charleston.

The film was directed by Eamon Hardiman and produced by Missy Dawn, both residents of Charleston. Marking their eighth feature film in the mountain state, director Eamon Hardiman wanted the premiere to be special.

“This is our third year at Shockacon and it’s a natural fit for us. It’s the only horror convention in the immediate area. We’ve been lucky to have been invited to screen at so many conventions and festivals, but we can’t wait for everyone here at home to see our hard work,” said Hardiman.

The movie follows a young man, Casey (Elvis McComas) and his new stepfather Roy (Kennie Bass) as they head into the woods for a weekend of familial bonding and camping in the wilderness of West Virginia. When Casey reveals ulterior motives, its up to Roy to save him, as the daughter of the infamous pig-masked serial killer ‘Porkchop’ is on the hunt.

“Pig Girl” will screen at 10:15PM on Saturday in the Beni Kedem Temple in downtown Charleston. Throughout the weekend, Razor Sharp will also offer merchandise, DVDs and Blu-rays of their films at Shockacon.

At 2PM on Saturday, Dawn and Hardiman will conduct a Q&A panel about indie filmmaking and crowd funding. “Pig Girl” was made possible by donations through the crowd-funding site IndieGoGo. The team has made a total of five feature films through KickStarter and IndieGoGo platforms.

“Anytime we can screen our movies and talk with our supporters face-to-face, I’m there! “ said Dawn. “I’m also excited to share some filmmaking and fundraising tips during our panel.”

“Pig Girl” has screened at conventions around the country this year and recently won the 2014 Award for Best Practical Effects at Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, Kentucky. West Virginia effects artists Alyson Meadows and Adam Edwards are responsible for the gore, along with North Carolina resident Angela Pritchett. Labeled as the “Sundance of Horror”, Fright Night Film Fest focuses on genre films such as horror, science fiction, fantasy, action, and cult from around the world.