The Renfields, Transylvania’s most fun export, bring their horror-punk to ShockaCon this weekend with a live performance, an album release and a really cool panel discussion moderated by longtime Renfields champion (and friend of RFC), Nick Harrah. You can learn about the amazing process that took place to make sure that the new Renfields CD will be ready this weekend by watching the above video.

The CD will be available all weekend long at the band’s table. The “Meet The Renfields” panel will happen Saturday at 5:15 PM in the basement at The Beni Kedem Shrine. The Renfields will then take to the main stage at 10:45 PM, following a set by The Big Bad, to possess the crowd with their monstrous punk-inflected sound.

The Renfields are one of the most fun bands in the state, and if you ever liked any type of live music before in your life, you must come out to see this band perform in the flesh…or bandages, in the case of one of them.

For more details, visit the ShockCon website.